Turd Rock

Hard decisions

Debating with myself about the pros and cons of continuing breastfeeding this article about the fat content in breastmilk didn’t help. I am wanting to give up…..and not wanting to. It is an awesome feat for my body to nourish Moshies.

And this article Breastfeeding Prevents Diabetes in Mothers 


being kicked/ not having a swivel nipple- I will usually set her down if I get frustrated

possible solution: improving & increasing nursing behaviors

  • offer boob more
  • use deep breathing to try and not get so frustrated

Moshie might get dehydrated if she refuses to nurse: give water/ juice in bottle but don’t let her fill up


have to eat better

see link above: better nutrition for babe

hosting a party for moms rising- I haven’t even seen the whole video myself, how would I know if I want to show it?

Sophie clogged her first toilet this month!! the dada is very proud..

2 Responses to Turd Rock

  1. bianca bean says:

    I am thinking we will keep nursing once or twice a day for quite a long time. I never thought I would be physically or emotionally able to. Interesting (to me) to see how my thoughts and feelings on the matter have evolved over time. Re-reading about benefits helps. Thinking of how hard-won our breastfeeding skills are does too. That article about extended nursing is veeeery iiiiinteresting. My mom can hardly wait for me to stop, so that kinda spurs me on, too, haaaaaaa!

    A friend of mine recently hosted a party for the motherhood manifesto. She said it was “a little over the top”. I think she meant that it was heavy material for everyone to absorb at a “party” and it kind of bummed everybody out. I think if I host one I will make it clear that it is a screening/discussion/action planning group so people aren’t like, ummmmmm, where’s the cake?


  2. superbeck says:

    I second the swivel-nipple motion. Ha ha. Pun.


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