Thinking of #2

Fer real, just thinking at this point- we have no fertility specialist coverage which was happily used post miscarriage & ectopic. Luckily we got Moshie on the third round of Clomid. It made me eeeeevviiiiiilllll as that man I live with says (He really did say it like that) . During the cycles I thought I was gonna die from a tender swollen belly and all I wanted to do was sleep. The thought is oh so unappealing. That man says we should just start trying. To me that is setting us up to fail, I at least have to chart to see how my cycle is. If its fuc*ed up again then I can make a decision to see a naturopathic doc or a RE.

There will be a reevaluation of this thinking at the end of October 🙂


One Response to Thinking of #2

  1. justenjoyhim says:

    That’s great that you got Moshie on the third round of Clomid. I tried Clomid and now I can’t remember just what else we tried. And yes, all of the hormones were awful. Clomid gave me awful hot flashes. Premonitions of menopause.

    Best of luck with trying for #2.


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