Good and Bad parts of New Motherhood Cont’d

Accidental Weaning

Dammit, I need to take my own advice more. I have been pushing my peanut to eat those canned baby foods. I was being a sheeple instead of thinking and educating myself. She likes eating by herself why the hell am I sitting there trying to get food in her. Moshie, my cutie I’m sorry–things will be changing.

Sensory Heaven

Moshie is a regular sensorial šŸ™‚ oasis for me. Baby touch, smiles, giggles, scent make me googlie eyed and dreamy. That is what I missed the most when I was working. I wasn’t able to fully absorb the babioasis.

  • my nose in your fuzzy hair while giving kisses
  • bath time bubbles and cuddles
  • random funny babbles, noises and faces
  • the scent of laundered diapers (evidence of laundry fetish)
  • massaging your floppy muscles when you would actually stay still
  • neck zerberts in the collar of your shirt

The Noggin NestleĀ 

I am not the cuddle and go to sleep type. When I need to sleep I need my space. It is hard for me to relax if I don’t have my own space. I am terribly jealous that pops can nestle you so close and sleep. You two have perfected the “baby daddy spoon”. Goddess smiled on me a few days after your birth when I passed out with your temple resting on my forehead. I don’t think I have ever been happier when waking from a nap. You were so tiny and I scooted so close to you because I was afraid if I fell asleep you might roll into my pillow. I pressed my forehead close to your temple and my arm around you and passed out.

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