Bawdy Broad Records- I so love I am a part of this…

My dad always referred to women as broads, and I used to be offended. But now broad means kick ass woman… I write this post because I am loving Bianca Bean’s writings.

ok now down to business—  things (random order) that have positively changed in me since I’ve become a mother.

I am more woman positive….for me and her, I am looking at this mans world for what it is, and what I need to change to make a better place for my daughter

I directly put my welfare first when relating to my family because this inevitably affects the way I interact with my daughter

Money is useful but Love is where its at, I demand a flexible work situation and I will get it

planning to add more to it as i think of it………..


3 Responses to Bawdy Broad Records- I so love I am a part of this…

  1. theresabakker says:

    Hey, I like your list.
    I like your blog.
    From one blogging broad to another.


  2. chaos says:

    thanks….blog on broad !


  3. […] in the South, as in “she’s one tough broad”? As a member of “Bawdy Broad Records 07“.  I have to say that Lilly Ledbetter is one tough broad. Broad being used as a synonym for […]


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