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On Deck

The Mother-Daughter Project: How Mothers and Daughters Can Band Together, Beat the Odds and Thrive Through Adolescence, Hudson Street Press, 2007

practical application of Mother Daughter Revolution

Evolution of Beauty Video

Stumbling on Happiness 

3 Responses to Reads/ Video

  1. bianca bean says:

    I just got the Mother Daughter Revolution as well as a few other books you’ve recommended. I am sure this one will resonate with me, too. I will now be calling my reading list “my summer of chaos”.


  2. chaos says:

    YES!!!!! I’ve always been good at instituting chaos when allowed. It would be great to hear how being an active feminist mom might inspire you when parenting your son. You’ll have to tell me the names of the other books too.

    One of my fav. acoa/recovery books is The language of letting go.


  3. bianca bean says:

    I am currently reading Our Babies, Ourselves and I also just got The Price of Motherhood. That should get me good and riled up, as if I need any help with that 🙂 Should be a great rest of summer.


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