Road Trip Baby Style

Oye, this trip was definetly an adventure- Let’s start with the day we left, gathering all of the gear was insane. We filled my trunk. Da babe had 3x’s the amount of stuff both C and I had. Pack and Play, extra clothes, food etc. We were only going to be gone for 2 nights. Naturally we left late-around dinner time. Onto VA for the 7/7/07 party. It was C’s step gramma’s b’day.

Number of stops for poopie diapers 3-4. S had a plumming problem. Stoppage for 1 day prior to the trip. The morning of the trip I administered a glycerin suppository via. bulb syringe. This is truly a constipated babies best friend. Yelling insued, shortly poopies were born whilst I cheered—“you can do it”. One stop at friendlies, between poopie diapers—-sans icecream 😦

I was nodding off for minutes at a time prior to having to navigate the streets of darkened DC. Whoopsie hun we were supposed to turn there. Approximate arrival at hotel garage 1am. WTF do we do with all of our gear. I was Guilted into checking in and finding a luggage cart on my own whilst S and C slept in the car, because I didn’t drive. I embarked on Mission Impossible. Where the fuck was I? Navigate elevators to Lobby, locate cart, steer cart into hotel and in elevator then back to car. Thank goodness the hotel clerk knew what the hell was going on. He kept shining all of the magnetic strips on the door key cards and my debit card. His foreign accent and impeccable attire also added to my Mission Impossible dream like stupor.

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