Little Time

Let me see what have I been up to?

My parents had a fun week long visit. I think mom enjoyed herself more because of the kiddo. Who? me c and dad? Who are they? S was the little princess for gramma. It was great to have my mom around helping out with feeding and diapering. Wish she could have stayed longer. Maybe she can come to visit at the end of her summer. While they were here we saw Sicko. Made me sick. Especially the story of the 18 month old who died because they weren’t at the “right” hospital for emergency care.

Reading, Researching decorating techniques. I love the Trading Spaces series of books: Make it Yours, Color, and  Instant Impact. Decorating doesn’t have to be so expensive if you get creative.  C and I bought used furniture (oringinally from This End Up). It has an indestructible wood base and cushions you can easily replace/ recover.

S has been eating solids two times a day and nursing numerously night and day. After watching Sicko—-I have been contemplating moving to Australia or England to get health coverage and S a better education. Looks like C’s company would send us wherever.

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