survival mode at work and home right now

no one is dealing with the state of our current living space

dh is dealing with house paperwork, legal, inspection shit, i understand he doesn’t have time for the housework when he’s with s all day and doing the house stuff

me, i’m not dealing well with being away from S at all. It is getting progressively worse. I absolutely will not give up breasfeeding, right now I feel that connection between us is essential. The thing that keeps me from drowning.

Last night sucked because I had major anxiety over the house and dinner, which paused at bedtime & sleep but continued right when I woke up this morning.

2 Responses to Overloaded

  1. bluemilk says:

    Sounds utterly exhausting. If the breastfeeding is working well for you and your baby then good for you sticking at it.


  2. superbeck says:

    oh how MUCH i feel for you. absolutely agree with breastfeeding. there is no sweeter thing on earth. not much longer and you’ll be hooooooome!!!!


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