Role Reversal

The last week has been trying to say the least. I can’t help but feel frustrated by the fact that I get paid less than Dh and he’s not working. My baby, mine, I birthed and gestated her, dammit. I still have to share. Women at work all say they wouldn’t leave baby with their husband, and I don’t think it is a trust issue. In this area we know we are just better equipped *ahem- we have boobies* , not that a certain kind of guy can’t be nurturing. I just believe I have a physical need to be with S right now, that is why I am trying so hard to keep breastfeeding. It is lots of work, but worth it.

I have begun the house-search to make myself feel better, I am working towards a house. We’re set with our downpayment, and the lease is up in April. There were also some violent incidents here in our apt. complex in Nov. 2 weeks after S was born. This is definetly helping me look.

We looked at one property this weekend. It was a bit steep in price but it has everything, pools, fitness center, and even an Episcopal church next to the subdivision it’s in. There is another property in the same subdivision that is better priced and a bit smaller. We are going to go and look at it this week.

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