End Point: Maternity Leave

I hearby resign myself to letting others look after S for the next 82 days. I’d really like to throw a crying, screaming fit yelling “my baby, my baby” but will settle for occasional bouts of jealous sulking moodiness alternating with extreme happiness I have chosen a man who wishes to be a very involved Father.


Daily laundering of Diapers
you can use washer as a soaker pail- run a cycle and then stop when diapers are soaked- keep adding the dirty diapers and run at night or when u think there can’t possibly be any more poop from babe
if using vinegar in rinse cycle run through one more rinse-only fill downy ball to line with vinegar
poopie diapers are best laundered immediatly or soaked in bucket or washer

Experimenting with cleaning solutions ok, BUT please run through one rinse cycle for the sake of babes BUTT- residues will irritate it and therefore you

The rest of the housework is self explanitory..

Special Babe TLC
Make silly songs explaining changing of diaper and other activities- sing badly she likes it
Give infinite amount of kisses and tell her some are from mommy
Zerbert belly often
Please try different methods of tummy time, I wasn’t persistent enough
Bring babe by mommy’s work 3 times a week for lunchtime feeding

Teach yourself to crochet, make several diaper covers and sew some sleep sacks so we don’t have to shell out 20$ a piece

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