Breast to Bottle

C and I have been facing S’s hunger strike for more than a day now. She has had some milk but not very much. In preparation for me going back to work she needs to get on the bottle. We had been doing great with at least one bottle per day, then a few days went by with no bottle. Mistake….
She wouldn’t take a bottle after that.

Breastfeeding was killer to start we finally got the hang of it and bam, now we gotta do the bottle thing. No amount of consoling will help me if she won’t go back to the breast after she takes a bottle

I absolutely hate this, my body and mind are screaming “Just give her the boob”. I feel like nursing her is important for bonding still, and I am pissed that we are being forced into -the pump and give bottle routine. Even if it is only for a few days.

As time gets closer for me to go back to work I am getting more and more angry that I have to leave her. I waited more than 10 years to have a babe and now I have to leave her all day to go to work??? Hate it. It was hard work getting her here. Now we finally “get it” and have a routine but I have to go back to work……………grrrrrrr
I think I will count the days until summer vacation. If I can help it I will be staying home with her next year.

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