Angels of Mercy

Two lovely ladies came to help me out after S was born. An old friend from my Resident Advisor days came and reorganized everything in my house. She has a bit of OCD, but it works for disorganized peeps like me.
I woke up one morning at 7 am and there she was sorting all my plastic food storage containers, by size and lid, with a big grin on her face. Seriously, she organized everything….even our dresser and closets. It is actually still pretty neat, we have been doing good on keeping things in order.

C’s mom was excited that she didn’t have to do any organizing when she got here! She mothered us so much, her cooking was awesome. She even left us with a meal planner spreadsheet, that makes grocery lists easy. Very SuperMomish….
I didn’t want her to leave. I still miss her.

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