Da Babe

A little break from “The Story”……

Some days S and I are way off of our routine. We’ve had some rough days because of digestive issues. Once we had 45 min of bloody murder screaming. I cried too. It felt awful to hear her and not be able to do anything. C handles it just fine, extremely calmly. I wanted so badly to do something, instead I told him what to do. In my moments of panic I tend to do this. We lived and are talking through how parenting changes a relationship. I did talk to the peds office about her change in bowel habits, and I consulted cousin N the NICU Nurse. It’s all good especially when you have a friend to call with parenting questions.

What is really awesome is that she helps me with the physical development/ sickness issues and I help her with the social emotional ones. Were a great team! Oh how I want to beg her to move back here, but I am not going to. My rational self knows it would not be a good idea since they really just moved back to NY—about a year ago. I did tell her about how I might want to homeschool S for her early grades K-1. We could homeschool together if she moved here….I dream big don’t I?

We had our first two vaccinations this week and slept for two days straight except when eating. It was actually three but one was oral. We are on a delayed vaccination schedule and I am going back in two weeks for DTaP. There have been cases of pertussis here in NC. It is important to me that she is vaccinated for things that are dangerous here and now. But polio? I think its eradicated here, it can wait until later. I don’t want to bombard my little babe with lots of germs, preservatives, and who knows what else. I know I was more traumatized from the decision to get the shots and the red faced crying that broke my heart after. She forgot it, I haven’t.

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