While I was surfing……

Glass Half Empty for Binge-Drinking Women

Women, Binge Drinking, and Depression are Related

Realllly? huh…..surprising………….not


In one of the Fashion Capitals of the World would you believe passed out dieters are holding up the NYC subway


One Response to While I was surfing……

  1. fracas says:

    I also came across the first link. Good that you posted it.

    With all the stories about what an epidemic there seems to be of eating disorders these days, the subway story doesn’t surprise me. I know of a personal situation with someone I know that’s similar so anyone who thinks it’s made up just isn’t aware.

    I had to rescue your post at fracas from Askimet again, as you will have to rescue this one. Oy. I had a feedback letter all prepared with examples and all only to find the support closed till Monday. Oh well, I’ll keep rescuing yours if you keep rescuing mine!

    Partners in crime of sorts!


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